Tuesday, 16 September 2008


1st day = complete
1st week = complete

All's well so far, plenty of interesting lectures and talks in the hospital, as well as the ones that make you wish you'd stayed in bed for that extra couple of hours! The early starts are a mixed blessing too; they ensure the day doesn't deteriorate into a slumberous waste, but by friday I found myself flagging a couple of times and was shattered after playing football. I revitalised that evening with a shower and had a brilliant night out, so burning the candle at both ends is the current (short-term) goal!

More shall be written later, but for now that's my lot :)

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Mad rush

The past week has been pretty non-stop, moving back into my uni accommodation (with all the driving and humfing boxes to and fro), seeing mates again, signing up at a new gym, shopping for food and some more smart clothes and mentally preparing myself for tomorrow: the first day of my clinical years!!!

If I wasn't absolutely shattered from the early start I had and gym session, I would probably be mildly bricking it... However, I've had a lovely relaxing shower, sorted out all my documents and stuff I need for hospital, and am about to hit the sack. *YAWN*

Boy I'll sleep well tonight - fingers crossed everything runs smoothly in the morning (as that is the period most ripe for mucking something up!)