Thursday, 4 September 2008

Mad rush

The past week has been pretty non-stop, moving back into my uni accommodation (with all the driving and humfing boxes to and fro), seeing mates again, signing up at a new gym, shopping for food and some more smart clothes and mentally preparing myself for tomorrow: the first day of my clinical years!!!

If I wasn't absolutely shattered from the early start I had and gym session, I would probably be mildly bricking it... However, I've had a lovely relaxing shower, sorted out all my documents and stuff I need for hospital, and am about to hit the sack. *YAWN*

Boy I'll sleep well tonight - fingers crossed everything runs smoothly in the morning (as that is the period most ripe for mucking something up!)

1 comment:

A Girl said...

Hope your first day went well and that no one died just yet ;)