Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Amusing myself

I’ve had an enjoyable week partaking in a number of my favourite pastimes. I suppose I’m not too unusual in that I’m a 20-year-old boy/man (the distinction is a hard one to make, mentally at least) who likes to play sport and spend time with my friends. Having not been able to play any regular football in the past couple of months since uni, it was great to play three times in the last five days and a fourth in the offing tonight. Suffice to say my fitness is in need of some honing if I’m to be raring to go for next season’s exploits in the division above – a potential source of bloggery I’m sure. As well as a return to the pitch, I had a great night out in Camden on Saturday with a few of my buddies from school, though only just…

Upon leaving Camden Town tube station, we headed towards Electric Ballroom – none of us having been there before. Unfortunately as we approached, it became immediately apparent we weren’t getting in, what with the back of the queue well out of sight to even a keen-eyed falcon. Not to be deterred, a couple of us sauntered up about twenty yards from the entrance and started making small talk with some girls in a half-cut effort to cut in. The girls were fine with it, the bouncer less so. After this minor knock-back, the call of nature took hold and I found a suitable spot to void my bladder. With a renewed sense of vigour I journeyed back to the queue and was pleasantly surprised to see my four friends ensconced in the line. I made a beeline for them, while trying not to stand out in my slightly garish t-shirt. Success! Uh-oh… *shit* I think, as a luminous security bloke approaches:

Security: “Excuse me; can you please step out of the queue?” [Very polite I must say]

Me: “Oh sorry, I just had to make a quick call.”

Security: “Why didn’t you just do it in the line?”

Me: “No reception.”

My friends: “Yeah he was just gone a minute, too loud here as well.”

Security: “Hmm… OK, but stay in line in the future!”

Fantastic, my alcohol-addled brain was still a match for the powers that be. All in all, he was the most reasonable and understanding bouncer/security guy I think I’ve ever met. Usually their meathead mentality precludes them from any form of adult conversation at all – the ironic thing was that this time I really did deserve to be chucked out… That was a good omen for the remainder of the night. I spent very little money, despite the extortionate prices, we all had a good laugh and a dance, and I pulled and got the number of a rather cute girl. Moreover, I didn’t have a hangover the next morning and I’ve ascertained that the girl also happens to be pretty, funny and entertaining while entirely sober! *bonus*

Before I dash off, I also want to say that the blog, Bête de Jour, is fantastic!


La Bête said...

You are too kind.

Good luck with the girl.

Bright-eyed said...

No worries, and thanks!